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As a member of the LATC, you are free to enjoy our 16 tennis courts, swimming pool, state of the art gym & cardio and elegant clubhouse ambiance as well as our year 'round social calendar. Above: Cinco De Mayo Mariachis playing in the bar.


The LATC is a world-class tennis facility with a private equity membership.

All prospective members should share a great enthusiasm for the game of tennis and its history. Your Primary Sponsor will obtain application materials and current rate sheets for the different classifications of membership on your behalf.

The application process may take as long as 90 days and each applicant is required to meet with Club members on up to three separate occasions as part of the process.

You must identify a Primary Sponsor who is currently an enrolled Equity Member in good standing and has been a member for a minimum of two years. In addition, you will need to identify a Secondary Sponsor who must be an enrolled Equity Member for one or more years. Please note that spouses, partners, or children of enrolled Equity Members are ineligible to serve as sponsors.

Your Primary Sponsor is responsible for shepherding you through the application process and must facilitate your meeting the requirements for membership until the process is completed. In addition, the Club’s General Manager or Assistant General Manager is available to answer questions you or your Sponsors may have during the process.

Complete Guidelines for LATC Application Process (<<<click to download)

Membership Classes (<<<click to download)